New pictures up!

This has been a long time coming as a request from someone at work … but I finally got pictures up of all of my hockey jerseys. I have a BIT of a collection … if curious go ahead and click away on the jersey pictures.

Thanks WordPress

Since I haven’t been posting I apparently haven’t been checking that something went awry with my site … sometime?? Didn’t need the bonus IT test of my skills but everything is back up and running again! Sorry if anyone was attempting to delve into the site history!

Oh yeah, I went to Montreal in Dec

Yep updating as much as usual around here with posts, what can I say? In December I got the call up north to Montreal for work. Lots of work with some fun squeezed in, including taking in a Montreal Canadiens Game. How can you NOT when you are in Montreal!?! Anyway, in case you wanted to see some of what I did, check out the pictures.

2015 Hawks Convention is in the books

Once again a fun time was had by all! There was a bit of an issue to start the festivities off as they had trouble finding my additional passes that I had paid for in JANUARY! At least they handled the situation perfectly and gave us the passes we were missing while also taking my credit card info to check when online back at their offices rather than waiting until they had it figured out. That was good as I didn’t get a call until Monday where they said sure enough I had indeed paid for those passes already! Good customer service Blackhawks …

Anyway, if you want to see some of what we spent our weekend doing, check out the 2015 convention pics. I’ll have to do a better job of capturing more of our off-convention stuff. This year our big family dinner was spent at Italian Village where Max went for the marathon runners special to carbo load for the Sunday convention day 🙂

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