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I know the correct name of this should be hockey SWEATER collection, but hey,
it's my site and I admit I have an issue NOT saying jersey. Anyway, here is
the collection of hockey jerseys in my closet, assuming I'm doing a good job of
keeping it up to date!

You know what to do, click on the thumbnail for a bigger pic

Hawks Jerseys
Hawks Green Front Hawks Green Back Hawks old logo sweater 09 Winter Classic Front
This one breaks a couple of
rules for me right off ... I normally don't go for
the knock off jersey of the home team, but this
was a neighbor selling special and hey, they don't
really wear a green jersey ANYWAY!
Second broken rule, no
players for the Hawks on the back. Players leave
for other teams (sometimes teams you really hate)
and then you look like a doofus for wearing X guys
jersey. Unless you are wearing a Hall of Fame or
future HOF guy ... Toews should qualify so ... rule
broken. Plus side, its great for taking to the
Southside Irish Parade
Now THIS is a SWEATER! Old school
(very very old school) logo. Like original Black Hawks logo
old school. One that rarely gets worn unless other jerseys
get on a bad losing streak
Out on permanent loan to my BFF, the 09 Winter Classic
didn't have much luck while wearing it alas. Still it was
a classic design brought out in Wrigley.
09 Winter Classic back Hawks 2010 alternate Hawks 2010 alternate back Hawks 2014 Stadium Series
A fine example of my go to Name/Number
for a jersey.
Now, similar to the 09 WC sweater, this
alternate jersey from 2010 introduced something I missed on
the classic jersey ... the tomahawk/C shoulder patches. I
really do prefer this one over the 09 WC jersey for that.
Plus ... notice that cup final patch .. THIS jersey had better
A trend you might notice on my jerseys, I
LOVE double #s (99,88,33,etc). I always imagined
myself as a goalie growing up when fantasizing about
playing hockey, and I was so going to be 00, because thats
how many goals I was going to give up of course! The name,
well that's definitely my homeboy nickname :-)
The 2014 Stadium Series jersey
One of my favorites for a few reasons. First, the only
outdoor game Chicago has managed to WIN so far! Second,
it's got the 2013 cup patches for good reason as you will see
when we get to the back. Finally, it was worn to the
aforementioned snow filled game. An
awesome atmosphere with frozen beer and
many layers for Tony and I.
14 Stadium Series back Hawks 2015 winter classic Hawks 2015 WC back Red Hawks - Reebok
This one ALWAYS gets comments.
From the first time I wore it to the Soldier Field
game. My favorite will always be the Bruins fan with the
good natured "f*ck you" to me. Its clearly an homage to
the greatest 17 seconds ever. About a year
later I found out that the jersey's back also was featured
on the Blackhawks Facebook page with a
pro photographer behind me with the same view
of the anthem.
Yeah I know, my rules.
I was going to go to the 2015 Winter Classic, but
declined the tickets I had in hand to prove a monetary
lesson to my wife. I don't think she learned :-(
Game was a loss anyway ... but when the Hawks won
the 2015 Cup, I needed a new jersey for the Final patch!
Sharp was available on Ebay for relatively
cheap since he was salary dumped after 2015 ... and while
he won't go on to the HOF, he is definitely a 'hometown hero'
for helping bring 3 cups to the city, so I'll allow this.
Side note, I did REALLY like the red/white tomahawk/C shoulder
patch on this. The plain letters and names, not so much.
The red jersey
So much to say about this one ... it's really my 'celebration'
jersey. First, the WWW patch worn in the 2007 season to honor
the death of long time owner William Wadsworth 'Bill' Wirtz.
I like many, wear it as a CELEBRATION of his death, as once ownership
passed on to the next generation of the family, a renaissance of the
Hawks began. It's only fitting that the first cup win of my lifetime
(2010) is on this one with the champions patch.
Red back 2016 Stadium Series front 2016 Stadium Series back
Again, like me those double #s.
This one definitely sees the most game action ...
It IS the current home color after all!
MIA - The Grabortion Jersey
My oldest jersey, gotten in HS and lettered in college
where my dorm roomies decided my nickname should be Grabortion.
Proudly worn for many years, it's a white (which was the home color
in that era) jersey which I haven't worn to a game in quite some time.
I honestly don't even know where in the HOUSE it is to take a photo ...
I'll work on that though!
Another year, another outdoor loss
2016 Stadium Series. I'm not normally a fan of asymmetry
but I AM a fan of the nod to the Chicago flag on the collar
16 for the year of course, and
when I customized ahead of the game I was assuming cold
weather in Minnesota in Feb. Actually ended up being pretty
mild. In other words, no where near as much fun as Soldier.
2017 Winter Classic 2017 Winter Classic back 2019 Winter Classic front 2019 Winter Classic back
The 2017 Winter Classic- Added Dec 2016
Once again, didn't fare well in it's debut
(Another outdoor loss)
Following the latest convention
for these outdoor games, the number is the year of
the game. The name on the jersey, in
homage to the St Louis location clearly
2019 Winter Classic
Played at Notre Dame's football stadium, my
first visit to the mecca of college football.
Unfortunately, yet another outdoor loss.
Went with the Fighting Irish connection for
the back. At least this year was a fairly accurate weather prediction
Green front Green back Red practice jersey Green practice jersey
Green Jersey - Added Mar 2017
So I'm assuming ahead of the conversion from Reebok to
Adidas as the official jersey supplier, the Hawks
have been having a 40% sale on jerseys. I took
advantage and got a 'real' green jersey
Didn't have a Hossa yet
and he will qualify under my "don't put a name
of a real player on the back unless HHOF"
Update - He made the HHOF, class of 2020
(to be inducted sometime post Covid19)
Red Practice jersey
Gifted by Sandi merely for allowing her to
have lots of Hawks tickets when forced to travel.
Better than having them go to waste, but thanks none the less!
Green Practice jersey
Works even better for wearing to the SSIP
Especially when attending with good friends!
Keith white front Keith white back Red Crawford jersey Red Crawford jersey back
Duncan Keith Reebok
2x Norris, 3x Stanley cup, 1x Conn Smythe
He's a future HHOF and safe for sure
Purchased on the cheap when the NHL moved from
Reebok to Adidas for jerseys
Plus, whats wrong with a
non outdoor white jersey for a change of pace
Corey Crawford Adidas
OK, I'm throwing my rules out the window now clearly
First, it was on the cheap when they changed from the
original Adidas design to the new and improved
(read less priest like collar) version
I actually really hated the collar on this one, but ... cheap.
As for Crawford, won't be HHOF barring some miracle ...
But, he IS top 4 all time for goalies for an Original 6 franchise
and 2 cups don't hurt. Not to mention, I AM a goalie fan.
Can't hurt to have a backup
red jersey when my primary is having
bad luck.
2021 Reverse Retro front
2021 Reverse Retro
Still need to have it lettered.
I'm sure it will be Covid related :-(

Minor League Jerseys
Wolves front Wolves back Mallards front Mallards back
Chicago's other team ... The Wolves
Honestly there was a time they were the most
successful (if not the literal best) team in
the city.
of course GORBS 99 :-)
Quad City Mallards - Game worn
Courtesy of my sister and hubby who reside out there in
the Quad City area
Worn by Nicholas Rioux
Rioux Signature Wolves back Mallards front Ice Hogs front
Zoomed on the signature
Sorry but alas Rioux didn't really pan out
beyond the minors
The Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights
First, I should point out that for the longest time
I participated in a roto baseball league where
my team name was the Knights. So I was into teams with
that nickname as a result. I ADORED this logo ... a
perfect blend of the minor league's team identity with
the homage to the parent team of the Flames. Look
at how the the plumes of the knight helmet are mimicking
the Flaming C of Calgary. Love it. Alas, the team didn't
last very long before relocating. Still, we remember
you fondly.
Notice that team name btw ...
Ak-Sar-Ben ... or Nebraska backwards
Rockford Ice Hogs (UHL)
The UHL is important to me here ... once the Hawks took them over
as their farm team and moved them to the AHL, the replaced the
AWESOME shoulder patch with the Hawks tomahawk C crest. Sorry,
but the old crest was better. Will update the back as soon as I
decide on what to put ... I'm ALMOST 90% sure what it will be
finally ...
Wolves Alpha Wolf front Manchester Monarchs front
2002 Chicago Wolves Alpha Wolf
A nice perk of the local minor league team,
they give their season ticket holders an 'Alpha Wolf'
jersey every year. This one appears to be the 2002
design and was gifted by my brother. Near as he
could tell, he got it from Ebay for a Wolves outing
sometime back but was way too big for him so he passed
it along ... I'll take it!
Manchester Monarchs (AHL)
Recently became aware of this team and instantly fell in love with
the logo. First of, lions are by far my favorite zoo animal.
Second, just a sweet looking logo :-)
Alas, like many minor league ones I have, they
have folded and are no more.

NHL Jerseys (Non Blackhawks)

Now alphabetized for all our convenience! :-)

Campbell All star front Campbell All star back 2012 All Star
84-86 All Star Jersey
Throw back to my younger years ... a fine example
of the Orange and Black NHL shield days.
Have to rep the Campbell conference as well of course.
A double number ... and a HHOF player
and all around all time stud, Mark Messier
2012 All Star Game (Team Alfredsson)
Added July 2016
Picked up SUPER cheap as part of
the Hawks covention 'garage sale'
equivalent. Interestingly, no Hawk player
was ON that team. Hossa and Kane were
team Chara and Toews withdrew with injury
before the player draft
Bruins front Bruins back Flames front Flames back
Long has this team been my second
favorite jersey. A fellow Original 6 member, the classic
Bruins spoked B with bear head shoulder patch.
You know its been in my collection awhile ... its a
The reason why I probably love the jersey so ...
Cam Neely. Injuries robbed us of
seeing ALL he could have been, still managed Hall of Fame numbers
before his body let him down. Bossy like in that regard, although
admittedly no where NEAR his numbers
90s era Calgary Flames
Not my favorite era for the Calgary look, but hey,
sometimes you take what you can get on a budget :-)
This one was free since it was a gift from my BFF!
This does give me a Back to the Future
kind of feel with the font and the appropriate
double number
Avalanche front Avalanche back Columbus Columbus back
This will be a trend ... 2006 Avalanche CCM Jersey
2007 marked the Reebok Edge jersey as the official
NHL jersey and CCM jerseys were available on the cheap.
You'll see some pretty random player jerseys from that ...
Like Marek Svatoš for example.
Would much prefer Sakic for Colorado, but hey, maybe he
can be my Nordique (spoilers) instead ...
While double checking links I have noticed, he's now
deceased ... pour one out for old Svatos
Columbus Blue Jackets
Added to the collection April 2016,this
definitely falls under the 'gotten for
cheap on ebay'
I will say, kind of a fan of the their
shoulder patch (and NOT a fan of their cannon)
Cheap cause I didn't even
know/care that the Horton on the back
was Nathan Horton
who played a mere portion of 1 season
with them. Who cares, another
one in the collection
Wings front Wings back Oilers front Oilers back
Its not a collection without
the Original 6. The Wings alas are one of those.
So go old school and put Howe on there.
One of the top 2/3 players of all time ... I may have to put
Messier above him ... Gretzky is a given.
The 80s Oilers
Often the Hawks were arguably the second best team in the
NHL in the 80s ... alas that number 1 team was the Oilers.
Losing to them is easier years later when you look at the
sheer NUMBER of HHOF members on that team ...
First and foremost of course is
The Great One ... Wayne Gretzky.
Long before Kevin Smith these colors were feared
Panthers front North Stars front North Stars back
Florida Panthers
Starter made, so should basically be
their original 90s design.
Appropriately sunny shoulder crest logo
Minnesota North Stars
Old school Norris foe of the Hawks,
a throwback to my youth before they moved to
Dallas (cause yeah thats a natural hockey hot bed)
and cheated their way to a cup *ahem Hull in the crease*
Mike Modano
A perfectly acceptable one to have on the back.
Great player, HHOF, didn't feel like he tormented
the Hawks much (unlike others I can recall)
As of this update in 2020, the highest scoring
American born player in NHL history.
Montreal front Montreal back Devils front Devils back
If you are going to have a jersey
collection, Montreal is THE team to have in it. For
Christmas the year I got this I had 2 requests on
the jersey... The Centennial Patch had to be
on there as well as the All Star Path, in French. My
sister loves me a LOT and hooked me up as requested.
Was proud to wear this as a result
when I visited Montreal for a game.
Even if it was just Alex Tanguay
New Jersey Devils
Always one of my favorite logos outside of
Chicago. The NJ 'devilized' look was always
appreciated by me.
Michael Cammalleri
Gotten purely for the low price ...
A better representative player would have
of course been noted Uncle Daddy
but went for lower cost instead.
Islanders front Islanders back Rangers Lady Liberty front
The Islanders .. again one of those
2006 CCM jerseys. This one though, I thought I was
doing ok ... Fresh off signing a 15 YEAR CONTRACT!!!
Did I mention these were cheap?
Alas, contracts were meant to be broken.
Much like Rick DiPietro was as well
Luckily the NHL came up with the amnesty buy outs ...
cause this guy turned into hot garbage fast.
NY Rangers - Lady Liberty Alternate
The gold standard of alternate jerseys to me.
I will probably need to get the more classic
diagonal Rangers down the line,
but I have always had a soft spot for their
Lady Liberty model.
Flyers front Flyers back Penguins front Penguins back
2006 Flyers
Nothing special I have to say
Oh and we beat them for a cup
Derian Hatcher
Longevity, but not much else
Pittsburgh Penguins
Definitely steered clear of the 90s era
jersey for obvious PTSD reasons ...
James Neal
Won a cup with them, but more importantly was NOT
Mario or Sid (blah)
Nordiques front Nordiques back Lightning front Lightning back
Quebec Nordiques
Another one of those old school
franchises of my youth, they would move
to Colorado and leave poor Canada foresaken
Joe Sakic
As hinted in the Colorado post, could
have him for both franchises. AWESOME
player, HHOF, general hockey awesomeness.
Oh and linked to Toronto's Sundin
in that ridiculous HHOF class!
Tampa Bay Lightning
Finding that I really like the
Florida team shoulder patches as
I update this page!
Vincent Lecavalier
Fine career, a cup and a retired # for
Tampa. Plus long gone before we faced them
for the cup!
Leafs front Leafs back Canucks front Canucks back
Much like the Canadiens jersey, with
Toronto I had a particular request in their jersey.
I don't much care for the leaf shoulder patch but I do love
the interlaced TML shoulder patch ... so I got this one
Doesn't hurt to have Mats Sundin
on the back though ... HHOF (look at that
induction class!)
Vancouver has ALWAYS had ugly uniforms
This is one of them. If death was not an option, I think
I prefer their mid 80s-90s hockey skate logo the best.
Again, that would be just ahead of the death
Markus Naslund, not Mats. Decent
numbers for him, so at least he's a good guy to have on there.
He's no Bure. Again, look at that induction class!
Capitals front
Washington Capitals
Really should get Ovi on the back someday, right?
One of their acceptable style jerseys for me ...
The (as of 2020) modern style which is a nice homage
to their original versions and not the
God foresaken 1995-2007 styles
I still have quite a wish list of jerseys ...
Knocked off quite a few of the defunct teams ...
Whalers and Original Jets design still needed
Blues to go after the old Norris teams
(just not the ugly ugly Gretzky era

College Jerseys
Illinois front Illinois Chief front Illinois back Minnesota back
Repping the alma mater for Illinois Another one out on permanent loan,
my WAY BETTER Illinois one. Old school
with Chief Illiniwek shoulder patches
Illinois on the bottom/back State of Hockey
Minnesota Golden Gophers
North Dakota front Minnesota Duluth front Michigan front Notre Dame front
North Dakota - Added Apr 2017
Of course I wanted the Sioux
Minnesota Duluth
Loved the Bulldogs jersey when I first saw it
at the 2017 Frozen Four in Chicago.
Was cheering for them in the final I'll admit.
A gift from Mom ... thanks!
Michigan Wolverines
Supporting the Big Ten that I hope
Illinois will join some day post Covid19.
Other than that, Muck Fichigan.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Another Big Ten and another school I saw at the
2017 Frozen Four. Plus, I'm Irish so ...
A gift from my sister's family ... thanks!
Illinois Orange CSCHL front Illinois Orange CSCHL front Illinois Grey front Illinois Grey front
Illinois Orange CSCHL
The club team offered an authentic version
for sale and of course I had to grab it.
Support the alma mater team trying to raise
Went with the graduation year
for the number ... cause I'm getting old.
Illinois Grey
They also offered their take on the Illinois football
Homecoming 'Grey Ghost' alternates, an homage to Illini great
Red Grange, the Galloping Ghost.
Same # cause I'm still old
The jersey did bring good luck for the
2019 Homecoming game vs Wisconsin.
Heck, lets see that kick again :-)

Misc Jerseys

Defying a single category ... although now roughly organized by some categories!
Guiness front Guiness back USA Front Knights front
I'm a good Irishman, of course
a Guinness one
Have I mentioned the beer is good too?
OK actually this is the 1998 version and
that team was hot garbage, so moving on ...
As previously mentioned, I had
a thing for finding Knights jerseys. This is a random
Ebay find, clearly using a LA King blank from
the era ... but its a solid probably kid team design
Illinois hoodie front
Illinois Hockey Style hoodie
Not QUITE a jersey, but close enough for me
to include it here. Mostly because ...
Original 6 Hoodie
This one DEFINITELY needs to be included
(picture forthcoming)

Star Wars Force Awakens front Star Wars Force Awakens back Star Destoyer front Star Destoyer back
Star Wars Force Awakens
Of course saw the movie in this one
Phasma kind of punked in the movie though
Star Wars Imperial Destroyers
I'd say I'm definitely a fan of the
Dark Side
Go big or go home
Dreadnought class for the back
Star Wars Dark Side front Star Wars Dark Side back Tusken Raiders front Tusken Raiders back
Star Wars Galactic Empire Dark Side
Still a fan of the Dark Side ...
Of course we're going Vader on the back!
Tusken Raiders
Managed to say no to this one
over the years, I blame the
Mandalorian show for pushing me
over the edge and caving.
I was fairly uninspired
for the back alas
Mandalorian front Mandalorian back
If only there was a Baby Yoda one ...
Mando naturally
This is the way
Friday the 13th front Friday the 13th back Deadpool front Deadpool back
Friday the 13th Watch out for Jason! Deadpool The merc with the mouth
Titans front Titans back Black Panther front Black Panther back
Complete with Infinity Gauntlet
on the sleeve
Baddest Titan of them all Wakanda Panthers
Wakanda Forever
Buzz front Buzz back Princess Bride front Princess Bride back
Buzz Lightyear from
They've gotten some of my money for sure ...
You know an 8 sideways is infinity
in case you needed to know why I chose the #
Dread Pirates
Princess Bride of course!
The Dread Pirate Roberts
Red Shirts front Red Shirts back Skynet Terminators front Skynet Terminators back
Red Shirts
Going with that OTHER space
based movie franchise
Expendable is SO
appropriate for this one
Skynet Terminators
It checks out

Tardis 1 front Tardis 1 back Tardis 2 front Tardis 2 back
Tardis version 1
Was never a fan of the color of this one, its
not the right shade. But a huge fan of the
hidden art in the Tardis windows
If you have to ask about why
number 63 you are not a fan ...
Much better color scheme on version 2
Ok so this one is definitely
a more deeper reference.
It comes from this
Dalek Front Dalek back Cyberman front Cyberman back
We all know they are the Daleks.
Like the round spheres as they'd appear on the
real thing. So glad these got added by Geeky Jerseys,
although maybe not my first color scheme choice.
Creator of the Daleks ... specifically converting the
Kaleds to their ideal form
Cyberman Jersey - Added Mar 2017
Technically was a Christmas present
from my loving sister but while
Geeky Jerseys are AWESOME ...
they take awhile to get!
The # is a reference to the year
they first appeared in Dr Who.
As for the name, well
go big or go home
HeMan Front HeMan back GI Joe front GI Joe back
Battle Cats
From the HeMan 80s cartoon and not the
God awful Lundgren movie
Enjoy the Honest Trailer if you haven't seen it yet
I would prefer a Skeletor jersey of
course ... fingers crossed that they offer
one in the future!!
GI Joe
More 80s nostalgia
Because after all, knowing IS half the battle
Snake Eyes
A solid choice to be offered, I approve
Voltron Front Voltron back NL front NL back
The much better lion version of course.
Not that inferior vehicle verson!
and I'll form ... the head! Lance et compte
Or "He Shoots, He Scores" in the English version.
A French-Canadian soap opera-like series revolving
around a fictional hockey team. I'm thinking
DeGrassi on ice?
A decided Nordique feel for the jersey
When in doubt, go for the captain.
Shredders Front Shredders back
Blasted Turtles!
Shredder really
LOVE the slash marks on the

Video Games
Pacman front Pacman back Halo front Halo back
Love the 8 bit look, so 80s!
Lots of dots to be eaten
Love the cherry shoulder patches
and the ghosts on the back. Nicely done!
Halo .. did I mention Geeky Jerseys
has gotten some of my money??
Master Chief baby!
You'll find me as G721 on multiplayer, hence
the 3 digit #s for this one.
Rink Gear = Geeky Jerseys ...
I have a problem.
Koopa Kings front Koopa Kings back Rollers front Rollers back
Koopa Kings
Way cooler than those
silly plumbers
Rollers Speaking of those plumbers ...
The original bad guy for Mario