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Its been awhile since I left the country and since I
got a request to document some of what I saw ... here is a new page!

You know what to do, click on the thumbnail for a bigger pic

Balcony view Underground City Montreal Habs Sweater Poutine
The view from my balcony.
There were pictures getting projected on a building
in the distance definitely reminding me of
Crown Fountain in Millenium Park
Did lots of exploring of the
Underground City of Montreal.
Lots of connected walkways and access to the subway
so why not throw a bunch of shopping there!
When in Montreal ...
you get your butt to a game when they play
twice the week you are there. Came prepared
with the correct sweater
Also when in Montreal ... you best
try some poutine! Shown here with pulled pork
added to the goodness
Faceoff Midget game Habs can Banners 1
Standard midget players during
intermission of course
Habs beer, yes please
Just a little bit of history up there
Banners 2 Selfie Montreal by night Night 2
Yawn, more cup wins and
Hockey Hall of Fame players
Yes I really am the one
behind the camera (aka selfie)
Awesome December weather,perfect
for strolling through town
Lots of drinking made the walk
go by fast :-)
Hockey Tournament Tim Hortons
Guessing this sign is used often
How do you not visit Tim Hortons?
Worth getting up early