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Dad on PBS

[Dad in uniform]
Dad's got some face time! We actually learned about
his appearance on a PBS show via some relatives who saw
it out in Oregon. Once I caught wind I dug around and
figured out what show it could be, set the tivo, and
what do you know! Playing with some new software to
to do the video conversion to the web, here's
Dad talking up his new "green" police station.
This is a higher resolution for people with broadband.
For those interested in specifics, the show was design: e2
Its a 6 part series, with dad appearing in episode 3 - Green Machine. It focuses
on Daley's effort to make Chicago one of the greenest cities in
the world. Have some factoids on the building from a press release.

Channel 11 Piracy

[Channel 11 Video Pirate]
This goes way back to my taping Dr Who days, but I decided to save
my copy of one of the more famous broadcast video pirates ever to the net
and share with those who haven't seen it yet ...
The 'Max Headroom' taking over channel 11.
For more information, you can also check out the CBS News coverage from way back in 1987.

Hi res.
- 36 meg
Lo res.
- 4.5 meg

1990 St Patricks Day Parade

[Me and the tuba - 19990]
Someone has procured a copy of the Marist Band in the 1990 NYC St Patricks Day Parade.
We did this as part of our senior year band tour. Check out that
young whipper snapper carrying the M sousaphone there.

1990 NYC St Patricks Day Parade.