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Thanks WordPress

Since I haven’t been posting I apparently haven’t been checking that something went awry with my site … sometime?? Didn’t need the bonus IT test of my skills but everything is back up and running again! Sorry if anyone was attempting to delve into the site history!

Look what England gets!

A Google Doodle in honor of Dr Who! It even includes a little game to play … so hop on over to and enjoy! Or if you are a different kind of old school, just continue to play Pac-Man.

I’m a doctor … but probably not the one you expected

Well well … more 50th Anniversary fun to be had from Dr Who this week as TWO new videos have hit ahead of anniversary night. First they published the first real trailer for Day of the Doctor. This follows up on the one previously posted here. That would have made for a pretty good day […]

Dr Who Mega Post in 3 … 2 … 1 …

There is definitely a theme to this entry … as we get ever closer to the 50th anniversary show, the BBC released a trailer that showcases a LOT of Dr Who references from the show’s vast history. Of course you can spot a Doctor … or 11. I’m not (currently) a player of Minecraft … […]