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Ever wish for more Calvin and Hobbes?

Who hasn’t! Well we came probably the closest we ever will recently … Bill Watterson appearing as a guest artist in Pearls Before Swine! Check out all the details on Pastis’ blog … And don’t worry… This isn’t an example 🙂

Want more doctors?

Then you my friend are in luck, because also airing tonight was the Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. A fun little special with at least some portion of all the Classic Doctors … as well as some cameos by current run doctors and classic companions among others. Enjoy and happy Dr Who Day!

Kane Has Some Skills … But Bollig???

This came out a little bit ago now, but I’m slow cleaning the links I wanted to post from my phone, sorry! 🙂 Anyway, a video was posted showcasing his puck handling prowess as he worked with a puck through an ever growing number of pucks arranged around him … all at least for the […]

Seems like this would have been a game I would do well at …

Wow I AM behind on links … although in my defense I ran across this one today while searching for something else. Of course I’d want a way to jack in a real instrument (Pro mode?). Here is an Onion article on Sousaphone Hero … rock out gamers! Definitely a game I would kick Ciscom’s […]