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New pictures up!

This has been a long time coming as a request from someone at work … but I finally got pictures up of all of my hockey jerseys. I have a BIT of a collection … if curious go ahead and click away on the jersey pictures.

Oh yeah, I went to Montreal in Dec

Yep updating as much as usual around here with posts, what can I say? In December I got the call up north to Montreal for work. Lots of work with some fun squeezed in, including taking in a Montreal Canadiens Game. How can you NOT when you are in Montreal!?! Anyway, in case you wanted […]

Hawks Convention Pictures – 2013 and 2014

Hello dear readers! I know, its been too long since I wrote anything here :-\ To be fair, you DO get a twitter stream from me over there on the right which keeps you kind of up to date! Besides, I really do need to do a post here about a subject that’s still actually […]

Old School Hockey

Looks like the Vancouver team is still just as hateable with Tortorella in charge as they ever have been. Looks like there was a statement he wanted to make when he goon line vs goon line to start the game vs the Flames last night. I’m not quite sure why all 10 guys involved weren’t […]