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Revenge of the Skunk

Well, ok the most recent skunk really hasn’t gotten its revenge as that one is dead. However Sasha discovered another (and bigger) one in the yard Tuesday morning and while a good battle was had, this skunk was able to limp away from its encounter while Sasha earned a middle of the night shower (or […]

I am so tired

Today was the Supporting and Sustaining members day at the Brookfield Zoo. As the parents are big fans of giving money to charity over uncle sam that meant our annual trek as a family unit to see the animals. Many pictures were taken of course and I will get those online as soon as possible. […]

Back home

Enjoyed a weekend in the Quad Cities as sis hosted a birthday party for her little one Max. A good time was had by all as always. We came home last night to find the a/c was on the fritz in the apparent annual outage at our place. We’re due to replace the outside unit […]

Beer goggles exist

Or so this article on MSN claims research has shown. It seems that their research points to not a whole LOT of alcohol is needed to attain this effect. How is that even POSSIBLE? Light weights in this study?? Not much to report (how sad). Spent most of the night attempting to do some laundry […]