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Its Halloween baby!

So we have this years jack-o-lanterns photoed for your enjoyment.

God wants Clint Malarchuk dead

Although he’s not doing a good enough job. First this and now this.

Random Thoughts … by Gorbs

I’ve talked more about places to eat OUTSIDE my immediate area then local, so I’ll change that up a tad by reminding you all that I am a fan of the Sunday brunch at Granite City. We went a couple of weekends ago and I was reminded just how much I’m a fan of their […]

Some humor for you

It WILL be making the links of the indeterminate time period, but until I can get motivated to update that, please enjoy this little bit o’ IT humor entitled The Website is Down aka Web Dude vs Sales Guy. It was shared with me while I was out and about installing @ Springfield, MA and […]