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Party on Garth!

Sounds like the Canadian women’s hockey team was very happy to have won their gold medal and took some time out to have a party on the ice after. Honestly I think that champagne and cigars sounds like a great combo … and who doesn’t want to have a turn driving the Zamboni?? Also if […]

This is one way to get over not winning the medal you want

Apparently if you are REALLY upset about not winning an Olympic gold medal you could always just invent an even better medal to win instead. Seems like its just not really the Olympics until someone goes and starts a good controversy right?

Watch out for those flying weiners!

Think its safe at the old ball game? Think again!

Clean up part 1 complete

Hello dear readers! First of all, I have managed to post a couple of stuff recently in a stealth way without acknowledging my sadness … sorry that I’ve been REALLY lax on the updates here! I’m going to try to be better about that! Along with that I’ve committed to myself at least to be […]