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More Google Map fun

Thanks to our government (aka the NASA Twitter Feed) I saw another little bit of Street View fun. Click here for a shot of a Space Shuttle being ferried atop a plane, apparently from April 2012.

Dr Who/Google Easter Egg

Thanks to /Film’s page 2 link to link for pointing out the little bit of Google Map fun. You can get down to street view on a certain street with a certain blue box … and explore the Tardis! Well, at least the console room. Check out all the Google+ comments on the location […]

Site updates

Welcome gorbs to more modern web standards as I add a favicon to the site … of course it has to include the homage to the SI days! You will also notice I’ve integrated my twitter feed (such as it is) into the site as well. Enjoy cyber stalking me!

Missed these guys unfortunately!

Looks like Blackhawks fans managed their own bit of payback to Justin Bieber for his logo faux pas at the United Center. This article shows how these fans decided the biebs should be punished. would have loved to have taken a pic with them!