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Seems like this would have been a game I would do well at …

Wow I AM behind on links … although in my defense I ran across this one today while searching for something else. Of course I’d want a way to jack in a real instrument (Pro mode?). Here is an Onion article on Sousaphone Hero … rock out gamers! Definitely a game I would kick Ciscom’s […]

I want one … anyone baking for me?

Seems like its all the rage to do a Minion/Anything Else mashup … so enjoy this Dr Who/Minion combo for a cake. I sure do … its pretty cool. I particularly like the inclusion of the sonic screwdriver! BTW their blog post was from 7/21 … just saying (I’m so behind!)

These touchdowns are making me thirsty!

As I play catchup on my own mental notes for the site … check out this YouTube video of Louisville area sportscaster Adam Lefkoe who used his time on air to drop 41 Seinfeld references into his update. If you found that amusing, check out his YouTube channel and you’ll find more gems … like […]

Where was this deal for the Hawks back in the day???

Dear readers, you SO have to check out this article as a Vancouver resident decided to become a season ticket holder for the Florida Panthers. Basically his reasoning was “for $7 a ticket + a jersey + other perks why NOT do it” … and I really can’t argue that logic. Especially if you see […]