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Dr Who Mega Post in 3 … 2 … 1 …

There is definitely a theme to this entry … as we get ever closer to the 50th anniversary show, the BBC released a trailer that showcases a LOT of Dr Who references from the show’s vast history. Of course you can spot a Doctor … or 11. I’m not (currently) a player of Minecraft … […]


Thought it would be a good idea to check on some of the sub pages of the site … of course my never grow up attitude means I should verify my cartoon links are all good!! After doing some clicking around I found a few that no longer worked and replaced them with something else. […]

Blackhawks opening night / banner night pics are up!

OK I’ve at least gotten to getting my Hawks opening night photos posted here on the site in my bid to catch up. For way better photos than I was capable of, check out what the Hawks posted themselves. All in all a fun night, especially with a win! In other championship related news … […]

New (old) Dr Who!

OK … so I’ve been looking forward to the announcement last night of a found cache of lost Dr Who episodes from the 60s to see just how many were recovered. While I wish it was more, I have to admit a darn near 10% recovery isn’t something to sneeze at considering it was 45 […]