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There are 2 restrictions here ...
(1) I had to actually watch the show (not really a problem)
(2) I had to find a web page for it ... problem!

Anyway, if this odd mix of toons doesn't explain how I ended
up being the warped individual you see before you today,
well then I don't know what does! :-)

If interested in 80s cartoons in general, may I recommend 80's Cartoon Central.
You can also wax nostalgic at 80's Nostalgia Classic TV.
Finally, here is a link to an Encyclopedia of Toons

Nowadays I am still known to watch cartoons of course ... I just go for more of the
mature type, in other words, primarily the stuff on Adult Swim.
Stop thinking porn you perverts! :-)

The Adventures of Gulliver - You can check out YouTube for some videos (video link updated 2013-10-18)
Animaniacs [GI Joe]
Battle of the Planets/G-Force ... Check out the show's intro here on YouTube (New link, added intro 2013-10-18)
Beavis and Butthead
Count Duckula [BumbleBee]
Danger Mouse
Dungeons and Dragons (updated link 2013-10-18)
Felix The Cat
Flintstones (And Other HB toons)
G.I. Joe
GoBots (updated link 2013-10-18)
He-Man & She-Ra
Johnny Quest
Looney Tunes
Pink Panther
Pinky and the Brain (updated 2013-10-18) Narf
The Real Ghostbusters (updated 2013-10-18) [LaserBeak]
Ren and Stimpy
Rescue Rangers
Rocky and Bullwinkle
The Simpsons
Space Ghost - Check out Space Ghost in the Tardis
Speed Racer
Super Friends
The Tick
Tiny Toons
Transformers (updated 2013-10-18) [Eye of Thundera]
UnderDog (updated 2013-10-18)
Wile E. Coyote (updated 2013-10-18)
X-Men (updated 2013-10-18)