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Friends! I've got some, and they have web-pages!

[Super Jim!] Jane Allison Havsy
Jane is a reporter for The Daily Record in
New Jersey. She can be found all over the
sports section, but she mainly covers
high school sports. Check out her blog @ work.
She also likes to volunteer at Liberty Animal Hospital in her free time.

Jim Watson
Former SI coworker, and the one who entered
into a hit count battle with me way back when.
His website is dead now and no counter,
so I have no choice but to declare victory baby!!!

[Former Employee] [Married]
Margaret Farr
Teacher and tuba diva, Margaret has begun a blog like
all the other cool kids do. She's pretty creative so I'm sure
we'll see some cool things from her, no pressure or anything!
Margaret is a fellow alum of a Frank Manna school and tuba mate from the
defunct IYB summer band. While she did abandon the tuba for the glory of
the baritone for Marching Illini, I have found a way to forgive her
for her transgressions ;-)
Matt Giacobbe
Another SI coworker who is happily employed
elsewhere. His email monitor site is down so for now,
he's here to remind people that he is
the artist responsible for "Super Jim" on your left there

[Former Employee] [Not Engaged!] [Married] [Matt and Carrie]
Pete Zurich's Little Ol' Web Page From Texas
His fine plate of bbq is down,
but check out his ZZ Top page.