Work ... Makes Friday look SO good!


[Former SI Logo] NEW JOB! [Former SI Logo]

I'd tell you where I'm working now ... but then I'd have to kill you.
Or so you'd think ...

Suffice it to say that I'm a computer programmer and currently the IS
manager for the company I work for.

OK, its just that I had the link up and they preferred I didn't

I have compiled the ultimate list of Not-SI [Former SI Logo] members!
[Systems Imagineering Logo]

I've even heard from a few of them who wandered onto my page in the past
while trying to reference Systems Imagineering. Isn't it a small internet
out there?

Heck I've even found myself working with one of them in my subsequent
job. Its even a small REAL world!

Jim Watson Matt Giacobbe Bill Cizek
Mary Kaye J. David Whipple Debbie J.
Raj Chris D. Brian Stone
Mark Everix Greg Simkowski Jen C.
Karen S. Jen O. Rich Whitney
Chris Boyd Scott Tully Greg Dalbey
Doug Yoder Kevin Dilks Sharon G.
Dan Balma Me!